Legal Eagles: The Next Generation


The Buckle My Shoe Nursery School graduation was held on June 11 in the New York Law School auditorium, through the generosity of Harry Althaus, NYLS Associate Dean for Special Projects.  Linda Ensko, founder and director of Buckle My Shoe, said “New York Law School and Harry have been great neighbors.  They always participate in our Halloween parade and welcome the children, but to let us hold our unusually large graduation ceremony at their facility was above and beyond.  It made it even more special for the children and their families.”  24 children donned mortar boards to receive their diplomas, and to entertain their families with performances of “If I Had A Hammer,” “The Dinosaur Song,” and “If All the Raindrops Were Lemondrops and Lollipops.”  The graduates, many of whom have been at Buckle My Shoe since they were babies, will be going on to kindergarten and, perhaps one day to law school.