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Who loves ya, Cosmo?

To The Editor:

Re “Budget hotel from 2 centuries ago hopes to expand” (news article, May 29 – June 4):

Julie Shapiro’s story about the budget hotel on West Broadway reminded me that back in the mid-1970s, a couple of seasons of the TV cop show “Kojak” (starring Telly Savalas as the lollypop-sucking detective) were filmed in New York City, rather than on a L.A. sound stage. One particularly good episode guest-starred former pro-football great, turned actor, Roosevelt Grier, as a bounty hunter who was tracking a felon in Tribeca. In several scenes, the Cosmopolitan Hotel was featured, as the “Hotel Lyons.”     

Reed Malloy

“TV historian”

“Will it Rock-n-Roll away with a Tony?” (arts article, posted May 7):

Obviously, the nominating committee for the Tony Awards felt that Constantine Maroulis’s performance as Drew in Rock of Ages was far more than “serviceable.” And as far as your comment that the show is “thematically hollow,” the committee felt there was enough substance there to give it a nomination for Best Musical. This show was never intended to be Shakespeare set to rock music. It’s feel good escapism, plain and simple. And it serves that purpose very, very well.


I loved Constantine’s role in this show, but Amy Spanger didn’t impress me. I think she has a weird voice, not one suited to be singing this type of music and she doesn’t come off as innocent at all. She has a harsh look about her. Constantine on the other hand rocks this genre and coupled with his superb acting skills he definitely carries the show. With that said, I loved the show and will definitely be flying back to NYC specifically to see this show.. It’s just that good.


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