Letters, Week of Feb. 26, 2015

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Tolls would kill commerce

To The Editor:
Re “Group hopes to build support for tolls on East River bridges” (news article, Feb. 19):

Tolls and congestion pricing would kill commerce in Manhattan, in my opinion. Right now many people shop in New Jersey where free parking and lower sales tax are a big attraction. Those sales will never return to Manhattan if tolls and congestion pricing are implemented. Move NY, the group behind this plan, must have an ulterior motive.
Perry Rothenberg

Drawing the line on ISIS

To The Editor:
Re “Why are we at war with ISIS? Do we need to be?” (talking point, by Ted Rall, Feb. 19):

After they beheaded the 21 Coptic Christians for being Christian, they announced they’ll be coming to Rome soon. I’m not sure that is such an idle boast.

I think it is foolish to dismiss them as being the same as our allies Saudi Arabia and the Central Asian republic of Uzbekistan. Surely, they don’t share the same goals.

How long before they infiltrate the Gaza Strip? Will Rall reverse his position then? Where do you draw the line?
Steve Kennedy

Ferry good news

To The Editor:
Re “Grand St. affordable ferry service to set sail by 2018” (news article, Feb. 12):

Thanks to The Villager for publicizing my petition to bring the ferry here, and helping make this possible.
Joseph Hanania

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