Letters, Week of Jan. 16, 2014

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

N.Y.U. to FiDi?

To The Editor:
“Judge says city broke law when it O.K.’d N.Y.U. plan” (news article, Jan. 9):

I would also like to thank Assemblymember Deborah Glick and state Senator Brad Hoylman for not surrendering and helping to preserve the Village green spaces and park lands. There were many other activists who were also instrumental in winning this court victory. That is one of the wonderful things that makes living Downtown great.

We all must work together to help solve N.Y.U.’s need for more space. This includes Councilmember Chin and Borough President Brewer. During the campaign for borough president, former Community Board 1 Chairperson Julie Menin suggested finding space for N.Y.U. in the Financial District. That may still be a viable option.

So let’s get on with the necessary business at hand. N.Y.U. for all its faults is a valuable asset to New York City.
Alan Schulkin
Schulkin is Democratic state committeemember, 66th Assembly District

R.J. not into B.S.?

To The Editor:
Re “Johnson’s staff chief a surprise choice” (news article, Jan. 9):

There’s no need to re-fight the election. Corey beat Yetta by almost a 2-to-1 margin. It wasn’t close. The Villager seems to want to create a situation with R.J. leaving when none exists, and Yetta’s supporters want to jump on it as some sort of proof that Corey is evil.

R.J. decided he didn’t want to be chief of staff, so he left. Nothing more to it. Some people like campaigning, some people like governing, some people like both. They require different skill sets. It’s not like R.J. is becoming chief of staff to some other councilmember. He’s left the political arena entirely. Maybe he couldn’t take the complete bulls— that surrounds this, as evidenced by The Villager article and the comments by Kurland supporters. And who could blame him?
Lowell Kern

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