Letters, Week of June 19, 2014

Welcome, Down to Earth Farmers Market

To The Editor:
Re: “Easy Being Green: West Chelsea Farmers Market Now in Season” (news, June 6,2014):

Thank you to the team at the Down to Earth Farmers Market for not only bringing to our Chelsea neighborhood the diversity of “home grown” fresh breads, baked goods, meats, poultry, fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables — but also the community outreach and philanthropy that you have shown to all of Chelsea. We welcome you and wish you much success. Best of luck!
Will Rogers

The 411 on 10-119  

To The Editor:
Re: “Libraries Must Expand Their Mission and Outreach” (Talking Point, June 5, 2014):

I very much agree with Rannan Geberer’s statement about library events publicity: “Merely posting signs in the library itself won’t do.” Because events are not currently posted anywhere but in the library, only library patrons learn about them. There is a better way.

Under NYC Administrative Law 10-119, if you or I post on city property we can get fined big time. Recently, the West 45th/46th Street Block Associations were fined almost $40,000 by the Department of Sanitation, over posting flyers on city property asking neighborhood residents to help redesign a local playground — an event that, I might add, was sponsored by both the Department of Parks and Recreation and [at the time, city councilmember and speaker] Christine Quinn’s office. However, 10-119 also states that city agencies and the city council (and groups under their direction) can post on city property.

What this means is that Muhlenberg Library [209 W. 23rd St., btw, Eighth & Ninth Aves.] can post events flyers on city property. It also means our city council members and our Community Boards can post items of community interest on city property — and what may be most important, it also means that under the direction of any of these city organizations, community groups can post community notices without fear of outrageous  fines by the Sanitation Dept. Our city elected officials and our community boards have the power to make sure that what happened to the West 45th/46th Street Block Associations never happens again.
Arnold Bob

Reader Comments from ChelseaNow.com

LuV for Puma Perl
Re: “Needles, Knives, Past and Present Lives: (arts, June 5, 2014):

It was ****LuV at FiRST SiGhT** the first time I heard and saw Puma Perl performing her poetry. I knew immediately that she was a clever, talented, and inspiring writer who cuts to the chase and opens the door, for me to connect. I still feel the same way each time I hear her. She is the real deal.

Speeding vehicles are the bigger issue

RE: “Police Blotter” (an item in the June 4, 2014 issue, about the arrest of a bicyclist for riding outside the bike lane): Good lord, bikers are more a threat than speeding vehicles and reckless drivers? The facts don’t back that up, as there hasn’t been a fatality blamed on a bicyclist in five years. While there are terrible bikers (the example given above being one), it’s not nearly as big of an epidemic as fatalities caused by cars.

I guess I’m confused as to what the big “tension” is between bicyclists and pedestrians and why this is a bigger issue than a statistically more dangerous issue of vehicular safety? Perhaps you all can explain as I live in Chelsea and don’t really see bikes being the bigger issue.

In our news article of June 4, 2014 (“Domestic Violence Comprises Half of Chelsea Felony Assaults”), we reported that a new program from the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence (OCDV) would shelter domestic violence victims and also accommodate their pets. That program is, in fact, run by the Urban Resource Institute (URI). Called URIPALS (People and Animals Living Safely Program), it’s the first and only program in NYC to shelter DV victims with their pets. For more information, visit urinyc.org/domestic-violence/pals.

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