Letters, Week of Sept. 24, 2015

Karl Rove tactics

To The Editor:
I congratulate Terri Cude and Dennis Gault on their election as district leaders in Part B of the 66th Assembly District (news article, posted to downtownexpress.com Sept. 14, “Tribeca district leaders trounced by challengers to the north & south”). They did a good job of meeting voters by knocking on doors and standing outside of supermarkets and I wish them well as they go forward. Jean Grillo and I totally respect the will of the voters.

As district leader, I always felt it was important to conduct our progressive politics in a positive fashion and am certain that Terri and Dennis would have been successful without the negative campaigning from a local Democratic club: Downtown Independent Democrats.

I fully understand the rough and tumble of politics, but mailers that stated that Jean and I were personal recipients of city funds is an outrageous attack on our integrity and honesty.

There is no other word for these statements other than lies, and it needs to be said so our future local elections don’t look like the national campaigning that we all think is so dreadful. The public, which we were honored to serve, can make decisions without this mudslinging`.

Finally, the suggestion that elected officials automatically support incumbents is not accurate, and a review of recent elections proves that. But the most important takeaway is that all future candidates in our very special corner of the world should commit to running positive campaigns and reject the Karl Rove style tactics that the Downtown Independent Democrats used.
John R. Scott