Licensed to ill on E. Sixth St.


A graffiti artist who gave her name as Ema and asked that her last name not be published and her face not be photographed, was painting a mural on a blank wall at E. Sixth St. just east of Second Ave. last Sunday. Painting in what she calls “wild style,” Ema tours the city looking for potential canvases on blank building walls. For this wall, she got permission from Bamboo House Chinese and Japanese restaurant, after showing them her portfolio of work and convincing them their wall would look better with some art. She and her colleague, Wey5, went to work. She estimated it would take seven hours to complete the work, using eight colors. Ema said she has previously done wall paintings in Montreal, at the Harlem Hall of Fame at 106th St. and Park Ave. and at the “BaadAss Festival” at the Bronx Academy of Arts. She has been doing this for 10 years and hopes one day her work will appear — legally, of course — in lights in Times Sq.