LIVE UPDATES: Protests continue throughout New York City for 11th-straight day

Demonstrators in New York City sit in protest on East 79th Street and 2nd Avenue on Sunday, the 11th-consecutive day of the George Floyd protests. (Photo: Alex Mitchell/AMNY)

Protestors continued to take the streets of New York City on Sunday to speak out against police brutality and racial equality in the United States — the 11th-consecutive day of demonstrations and 12 days after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25. 

While Sunday is normally a day of rest, protesters wasted little time getting outside in the early afternoon.

Especially in Madison Square Park:

Nearby at Union Square, the number of demonstrators began to noticeably grow around 2 p.m. as they set out:

The messages found on signs of the protestors — or in this case, on the walls of the city — didn’t always reflect peace:

As the numbers at Union Square Park continued to increase, their movement remained stymied as NYPD made their presence known:

The masses only expanded as they finally got the green light to mobilize:

Their hours-long march took them through the heart of midtown and everywhere in between:

It was at Trump Tower that the crowd momentarily grew hostile as police officers guarded the building:

Things appeared to calm down shortly after: 

As their winding march continued, boisterous hopes of change — and a desire to leave a legacy — rang throughout the group:

Only for silence to be one of the day’s most resonating moments:

Such quiet didn’t last long:

While NYPD was present, their presence was described as “minimal” — providing promise that the nights of clashes between demonstrators and police officers are behind us.

In Queens, an impressive youthful portion of the revolution banded together at Grover Cleveland Park to make their voices heard as they moved throughout the borough:

Marches in Harlem were still healthily proceeding as amNewYork Metro’s Mark Hallum was on hand to witness their demonstrations: 

Still marching strong, protesters in Harlem gathered at 120th Street and Morningside Avenue for another procession dedicated to Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, among others.

With the 8 p.m. curfew lifted earlier Sunday morning by Mayor Bill de Blasio who announced vague changes to policing in the city, those marching to emphasize “Black Lives Matter” feel little has changed over the course of the week.

“I just feel good, like everybody is coming together united to change the world,“ Laime Jueye said. “[The curfew’s cancellation] does not change too much, and do you know why? We’re living day-by-day.”

The crowd of about 200 moved through the side streets and down Frederick Douglas Boulevard.

But the very beginning of the march was met with a vivid reminder of the tumultuous week in New York City.
A burned out SUV on edge of Morningside Park may or may not have been the cause of riots, that saw mostly NYPD vehicles scorched and destroyed, but onlookers who had arrived to the peaceful protest had questions as to when the fire took place and why it had happened.

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