Majdi Mansoor, Adham Deeb charged, 51 pounds of pot seized in Brooklyn

Police in Brooklyn busted two men exchanging suitcases out of their cars, finding more than 50 pounds of marijuana in the process, authorities said Thursday.

The cops said they were on patrol near 92 Street and Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge on Wednesday morning when they spotted two men get out of their vehicles and switch suitcases. The men then drove away, police said.

When the cops stopped both cars, they noticed a strong marijuana smell. One of the suspects then allegedly admitted there was actually drugs inside the suitcases, and police opened them up, finding 20 pounds of marijuana in each, police said.

Police then found cocaine inside the center console of one of the cars, and one suspect allegedly copped to more marijuana stashed away in an apartment, authorities said.

When officers searched the apartment, they found 11 more pounds of marijuana, two Mason jars full of the pot, two scales and a notebook containing sales deals, police said.

Adham Deeb of Brooklyn was charged with criminal possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a controlled substance, police said, and Majdi Mansoor, also of Brooklyn, was charged with criminal possession of marijuana.

Both were awaiting arraignment on Thursday.