Make Love

Karen Finley, Lance Cruce and Chris Tanner make like Liza, in “Make Love.” Photo by Max Ruby

BY SCOTT STIFFLER |  A singing, dancing, strutting Liza Minnelli might not be the first image that comes to mind when asked to conjure up a source of strength in times of trouble — but in the 9/11 tribute “Make Love,” it seems appropriate (and even respectful, in a not-so-strange but definitely weird way). Shortly after 9/11, internationally acclaimed performance artist Karen Finley decided to set some of her reflections to jazz piano. A few performances later, she knew the magnitude of the event required a larger than life persona whose own rise from the ruins would serve as both metaphor and medicine. One cabaret-style makeover later, “Make Love” was (re)born.  First presented in 2003, this slightly updated version features Finley, drag performer and artist Chris Tanner, pianist Lance Cruce and a rotating roster of Liza Minnelli impersonators. “Liza Minnelli is New York,” reasons Finley. “She keeps on trying. After her hip replacement, she still gets up and dances. Every time she gets knocked down, she gets right back up.” We should all be so lucky.

At 7:30pm on Sat., Sept. 3, 10, 17. At The Laurie Beechman Theatre, inside West Bank Café (407 W. 42nd St., at 9th Ave.). For tickets ($22, plus $15 per food/drink minimum), call 212-352-3101 or visit spincyclenyc.com.