Mariah Carey teams up with Milk Bar to create limited edition cake for the holidays

mariah carey cake lead
(L) Photo: Black Irish, (R): Photo: Milk Bar

Mariah Carey, the famed American singer-songwriter best known for her record breaking Christmas album, has partnered with Milk Bar, the renowned award winning bakery, to create a limited edition cake to commemorate the debut of her new Irish Cream line, Black Irish.

“The holidays are the perfect time for something sweet,” says Carrie, “Which is why I’m so excited to partner with Milk Bar to bring the flavors of Black Irish Salted Caramel to life with the Double Chocolate Caramel Cream Cake.”

This collaboration with the commonly-referred to “Queen of Christmas” is a part of Milk Bar’s “weekly Holiday Lab drops,” according to their website, which includes the release of a new treat every Monday, from their “experimental kitchen” operated out of the R&D flagships. 

Priced at $80, the “chart-topping” confection, as Milk Bar describes it, is “a double chocolate chip cake with cheesecake, gooey caramel, coffee milk crumble, and caramel frosting,” that serves around 8-12 people.

“Inspired by Black Irish, this cake is perfect for holiday parties or simply for indulging your sweet tooth,” Carey says, “a tasty morsel that I know everyone will enjoy.”

The cake is available for purchase and nation-wide shipping here: milkbarstore.com/holidaylab