Measuring Progress


Jenn-Goodstein-pic-1We measure progress in many ways throughout our community. Crime rate: higher or lower? Test scores: better or worse? Housing costs: less or more expensive? But in the six months since becoming publisher of Chelsea Now, the challenge of our community to “progress” has not been easy — or easily measured, due to the unexpected challenges hoisted upon us by Superstorm Sandy.

This Progress Report is our opportunity to look at all aspects of the neighborhood, and neighbors, who survived and continue to thrive. It is impressive to see where we have been, and inspiring to see where we are going.

There are a few changes at Chelsea Now to highlight. Last week, we launched a new look for our website, chelseanow.com. Now, your favorite neighborhood news can be found anywhere, anytime (that also means Aunt Chelsea, our resident advice columnist, is just a click away). We welcome your reader comments, and hope you’ll sign up for our e-blast, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

In many ways, 2013 will be a turning point for our neighborhood — and Chelsea Now will continue its commitment to bring uniquely informed analysis to the vital issues impacting local residents (including City Council elections, West Chelsea District expansion, the ongoing construction of Hudson Yards, a reexamination of the ULURP process, assessing post-Sandy fallout and coverage of the city’s finest gallery scene).

Chelsea Now will be your eyes and ears, reporting the news and engaging with the community to keep everyone informed and connected — neighbor to neighbor.
Jennifer Goodstein
Publisher, NYC Community Media, LLC