Mets, Yankees opening days will make over $17 million for NYC

While it’s hard to predict if the Mets and Yankees will start their home schedules with a win, the city said both teams will generate nearly $18 million for the Big Apple with their home openers.

The city’s Economic Development Corporation released stats yesterday on how each team fares for the employees of their respective offices and the surrounding businesses for home openers.

The Yankees will generate about $9.63 million Tuesday at Yankee Stadium, while the Amazin’s generate $8.14 million when they open at Citi Field on Friday.

“Opening Day brings with it not only the renewal of one of our treasured pastimes, but a boost to our city’s economy through added jobs and increased spending by fans, both local and traveling, who are ready to root, root, root for the home team,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

About $5.35 million of the Bombers’ economic impact is directly related to the team’s business and the majority of that money comes from the 25,935 visitors to the city who will come solely for the game, according to EDC.

The remaining $4.28 million is related to indirect or induced business outside the stadium.

Over in Queens, the Mets’ direct economic impact is $4.52 million while its indirect impact is $3.62 million, EDC said. The majority of the direct impact numbers comes from the 22,415 visitors to New York who want to see the National League champions back in action.