Muscat, store owner, 65

Peter Muscat, the owner of Maiden Lane Wines & Liquors, suffered a massive heart attack around 10 a.m. Mon., Jan. 11 about an hour after he opened the store at 6 Maiden Ln. for the day’s business. The Emergency Medical Service was summoned but he died before medics arrived. A resident of Midtown, Peter Muscat, 65, worked at the store for 40 years and owned it for the past 13 years.

In a 2006 interview with Downtown Express, Muscat said the business had survived through tough times.

“We’re still doing all right,” he said. “My biggest hit was 9/11, but we survived; we’re still here… It’s like a home here to me.”

He was born on the island of Malta and lived in Australia and Canada before he came to New York in 1970 when he began working at the Maiden Ln. store. His wife, Angela, two sons, Kevin of England and Marcel, of Manhattan, and a daughter, Louise, also of Manhattan, survive.