Mystico’s Predictions


mysticoAries  A boisterous Happy Hour spent with a friend who has opera tickets leads to an invite, when his plus-one cancels. Dress accordingly!

Taurus  Some will see you as out of touch, upon loudly proclaiming your failure to “get” that Hunger Games movie. Just keep your mouth shut when the topic shifts to twerking.

Gemini  The answer to a nagging question is answered by revisiting certain passages from a once-favorite novel, long ago dismissed as fluff.

Cancer  Laundry basket, laundry bag or dirty clothes stuffed in a pillowcase? Don’t let your debate with a friend escalate to the point of fisticuffs.

Leo  Valuable insights will be gained by inserting yourself into the narrative of a gripping tale overheard while dining or commuting.

Virgo  A trusted ally’s odd behavior is the product of a well-meaning, but misguided, agenda. Politely decline their advice, and move on with your life.

Libra  Your use of harsh abrasives, when soft soap will do the job, puts the structural integrity of a favorite fabric (and a budding relationship) at risk. Lighten up!

Scorpio  This week’s road to contentment is riddled with 23 painfully inconvenient pebbles. Choose wisely, upon arriving at Thursday’s fork.

Sagittarius  You’ve zero obligation to display an old holiday decoration that no longer strikes your fancy. Time for new traditions!

Capricorn  In the face of a dicey situation, standing tough like a tree trunk trumps bending like a reed. Less confident souls observe, and follow your lead.

Aquarius  You will develop a sudden, then lasting, tolerance for two dishes that have never completely agreed with your stomach. Enjoy!

Pisces  Why take it on the chin? Become a voracious reader of body language, and avoid that knockout punch with a well-timed slip.