Naked Cowboy crashes #OccupyCityHall, gets dressed down for Trump support – VIDEO

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City Hall protestors seeking cuts to the NYPD budget continued their vigil outside city Hall this morning, after a tumultuous morning in which several people were arrested. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

The Times Square fixture known as the Naked Cowboy took a stroll through the #OccupyCityHall protest site at City Hall Tuesday afternoon, strumming his guitar as a mostly hostile crowd of critics chastised him for his support of President Donald Trump.

The day before, self-appointed security personnel were attempting to screen people entering the sleep-in site, including members of the media. Tuesday, the site was open to all except police officers as they continue to protest police brutality and racial injustice in America.

“I thought this was a peaceful protest,” said the Naked Cowboy, who sang country western songs as he moved through the crowd who followed him closely. “I just came to see what was going on, but it’s not a friendly crowd. They’re not going for positive change, they just want to tear things up.”

One young black protestor knocked the cowboy hat off his head and said he was angry with the Naked Cowboy for “coming here to boost Donald Trump.”

“He knows we don’t like Donald Trump, yet here he is, coming through and he knows we know,” the protestor said. “He knows it’s going to tick [people] off — he knows nobody here is supporting Trump.”

(Photo by Todd Maisel)
(Photo by Todd Maisel)


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