New agreement reached between B.P.C.A. & Asphalt Green

Demonstrators gathered next to the Battery Park City ball fields on Thurs., Oct. 18 called for the B.P.C.A. to work out a new contract with Asphalt Green to preserve community access to the neighborhood ball fields.

BY TERESE LOEB KREUZER  | More than a year later than planned, a 52,000-square-foot community center may soon be opening in Battery Park City under the management of Asphalt Green. The opening was delayed in part by permitting problems but largely by a contract inked early in 2009 during the Battery Park City Authority administration of chairman James Gill and president James Cavanaugh that subsequent B.P.C.A. management found unacceptable.

The B.P.C.A. has paid nearly $60 million to buil

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