New art exhibit highlighting feminist movement coming to Greenwich Village this month

Whoohoo yahoo
“WhoooHooo Yahooo”, (portrait of Edie Brickell, musician), oil on canvas, 54 x 54 inches, 2019 (Art photos courtesy of Suzanne Scott)

A new art exhibit that highlights the feminist movement is opening in Greenwich Village later this month.

The exhibit, titled “A Particular Group of Women at a Particular Place in Time,” pays homage to the diversity, strength and uniqueness of womanhood. The portraits are oil painted based on the fingerprints of strong, influential women, while some are self portraits of the artist in the same style.

Each painting was created by Suzanne Scott.

“These awesome women deserve our attention and I hope to tell a bit of their stories here; the personal and political, the private and the professional,” said Scott.

The exhibit will open over three days, July 23-25, at the Art Of Our Century Gallery in Greenwich Village, located at 137 West 14th Street, and will remain open through August 23.

For more information, visit artofourcentury.com.

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