New autonomous pool hall opens for business in Brooklyn

Photos courtesy of Sharks Pool Club

A new pool hall in Brooklyn offers a safe and autonomous environment so New Yorkers can play pool safely. 

Located at 150 Grand Street, Sharks Pool Club aims to make the game fun and inclusive to everyone who walks through the door. The 1,200-square foot facility offers a mansion-inspired environment that has two pool tables in separate rooms, curated art and a private set-up for pool accessories.

After reserving a table, customers will be sent a code to access the building. Once inside, guests can play their own music and bring in their own beverages to enjoy their allotted play time.

Tables must be booked ahead of time and are priced at $36 an hour — there is no minimum or maximum amount of hours that you can book. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharks asks that players limit their capacity to two people per table to allow for social distancing.

The space is cleaned daily by professionals and guests are asked to clean up their tables, wipe down sticks and surface areas with disinfecting wipes when they are finished playing. If you’re new to the game, Sharks also offers private lessons starting at $65 per lesson.

For more information, visit www.sharkspool.club.