New York City found to be among top three most vibrant cities in the world

Times Square casino proposal
SL Green and Caesars are hoping to build a new casino in Times Square.
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New York City is known as many things, the city of dreams or opportunities, the Big Apple. Yet the one that seems to be the most accurate is the title of the city that never sleeps. No matter the time or day of the week you will find people out and about, subways will be running and there will always be a train to catch.

Recently Slingo, a website dedicated to online casino-like games, has done some research into the 24/7 cities around the world. Its goal was to determine which of the 40 biggest cities across the world was the best for night owls. The factors that went into getting the end result was the amount of nightlife activities, the amount of late-night casinos, how many coffee bars were open at night and how easy transportation during late hours was.

Slingo rated each city out of 10, and the city sitting at the number one spot with a score of 8.53/10 is none other than London in the United Kingdom. London has over 1,300 nighttime attractions, 47 casinos, 5 coffee bars that stay open late and accessible nighttime transportation. London offers no shortage of fun experiences, especially for gamblers looking to win big at the city’s many casinos. London’s buses run around-the-clock while the Tube system has a special schedule to accommodate Friday and Saturday nights.

NYC holds the second place spot on the list with a score of 8.40/10. A mere .13 is what distinguished first from second place. We hold 779 nighttime attractions, 25 casinos, 5 coffee bars that stay open late and, of course, we have accessible nighttime transportation. NYC has buses, subways, ferries and taxis that run constantly. Our lack of casinos left us under London but we still have plenty of amazing attractions to see during the night. There is something for everyone in NYC.

The third place spot on the list goes to Chicago, Illinois with a score of 7.7/10. Chicago has 463 nighttime attractions, 23 casinos, 4 coffee bars that stay open late and accessible nighttime transportation. Chicago’s “L” Red and Blue Lines run all day and all night. The city also has the Night Owl bus network which is specially geared towards nighttime travel. So wherever you go you’ll have a safe passage back home. Chicago is also known for having some of the best food in America, so if nighttime fun isn’t your thing, maybe daytime dining will leave you feeling satisfied. 

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