New York City area comedian releases new parody video about watching ‘Hamilton’ every night

hamilton pardody
Paul (left) and Mary (right) Costabile in a new ‘Hamilton’ parody song. (Screenshot via YouTube)

A New York City area comedian is continuing to spread positivity during the pandemic through a new parody video, this time about the beloved musical “Hamilton.”

Paul Costabile, who works with NBC’s “New York Live” to produce comedy sketches, has been a fan of “Hamilton” since the music dropped online, and like many was excited when “Hamilton” began streaming on Disney+.

“I was fortunate to see it live really early on. I’ve always been a huge fan,” said Costabile. “The idea that they decided to release [the recording] early feels like such a gift. My daughter wants to watch ‘Hamilton’ all the time.”

Costabile quickly found that he and his family were watching ‘Hamilton’ practically every night during the pandemic since its release, a trend that he noticed earlier in the pandemic when his family was watching Chris Cuomo — which was the theme of Costabile’s last parody music video.

“Just like how my family was in love with Chris Cuomo, we became obsessed with watching ‘Hamilton,'” said Costabile. “My sister and I started to joke around about different lyrics to ‘The Story of Tonight’ and then decided to make it into a parody.”

On Aug. 4, Costabile posted the new video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The video features Costabile, his youngest sister Mary, as well as Costabile’s daughter Carmella, singing altered lyrics to “The Story of Tonight,” which has quickly become Costabile’s favorite song from the musical, and recreates some iconic moments from the stage show. The beginning of the video also gives a small nod to Costabile’s video about Chris Cuomo.

“I’ve been cranking that song since it came out,” said Costabile. “The video itself is a celebration of the time we are in. There are little wins, like ‘Hamilton’ coming to Disney+. I love that they released it early as the stage show. We put a line in the video that is ‘Raise a glass to Broadway’ — Broadway is not going to die because the theaters are closed.”

Watch Costabile’s new video below:

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