New York City girl writes books about everyday heroes during time in quarantine

egypt bush book cover
Photos via Amazon

A New York City girl took matters into her own hands when the pandemic closed down her local library.

Five-year-old Egypt Bush used to go to the library once a week to check out bedtime stories. Unfortunately, that came to a stop amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After reading the same stories over and over, Bush’s dad suggested that she come up with her own bedtime stories.

With this, Bush created the “Egypt’s Everyday Superheroes” series. There are three books in the series: “Superhero Town,” “Superhero Family” and “Superhero School,” plus a coloring/activity book for kids to enjoy. The books explore how everyday people can have powers that they can share with their community.

In the series, Bush tells stories from her own life and imagination to show children like herself that their voices can be heard. In the first book “Superhero Town,” Bush gives readers a glimpse at the pandemic through her eyes. The second book “Superhero Family” explores the unexpected heroes in our everyday lives, while “Superhero Family” reintroduces the reader to Bush herself.

Bush says that her books are not only cool but special because she can share them with other kids and inspire them. The books are available on Amazon.