New York governor’s debate: Raise a glass as Cuomo, Nixon face off before primary

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon will debate on Wednesday.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon will debate on Wednesday. Photo Credit: By Chloe

The first and likely only debate between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon is set to take place Wednesday.

The debate will be held at Hofstra University on Long Island and air on CBS, starting at 7 p.m.

Cuomo, who didn’t accept Nixon’s challenge to a debate for several weeks, is expected to defend his record after eight years in office, while Nixon will aim to convince New Yorkers that she can take the reins despite being a political newcomer.

Voters will choose between the two at the polls on Thursday, Sept. 13.

To make the debate a little more interesting, play this drinking game while you watch:

Drink if…

-Nixon uses the phrase “Cynthia Effect.”

-someone you’re watching with asks if Nixon is related to former President Richard Nixon.

-Nixon accuses Cuomo of having a “bromance” with President Trump.

-there are any references to “Sex and the City.”

-Cuomo diverts questions about Joe Percoco, his former aide who was found guilty of bribery.

-Nixon explains what a “democratic socialist” is.

-Cuomo blames Republicans for not getting things done.

-Nixon says Cuomo is trying “to figure out how to talk like a progressive.”

-Cuomo says “I get things done.”

-the candidates spend more time criticizing Trump than debating each other.

-either candidate brings up the other’s relationship with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

-Nixon uses the phrase “Cuomo’s MTA.”

-Cuomo blames the subway’s problems on the lack of funding from the city.

-either candidate makes a comment about the room temperature.

-the candidates get asked if they think America is great.

And when all is said and done, remember to take public transportation home.