Thanksgiving Google searches show NYers are interested in travel, bowling alleys and barbecue

Google has compiled its annual search data to help New Yorkers get the most out of their Thanksgiving weekend.

The search giant released its latest data Tuesday on city search trends during the long weekend for a variety of categories. The tech company also created an interactive infographic that compares New York with the rest of the country.

Road Travel

The best day to depart for your Thanksgiving holiday is Thanksgiving day itself, and the best time is around 6 a.m. The worst day to leave is the day before Thanksgiving, and around 4 p.m.

For the return drive, travelers will have a more stress-free experience if they return the Saturday after Thanksgiving at 6 a.m.

New Yorkers who plan to drive back on Sunday after Thanksgiving — you’ve been warned, it’s the worst day to return, according to Google’s data. Especially if you plan to pull in around 3 p.m.


For many New Yorkers, according to Google, turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing simply don’t hit the spot.

Barbecue restaurants are the second most searched food query on Thanksgiving Day, right behind bakeries, according to the search data. Chicken places, Chinese restaurants and, of course, pizza places round out the top five searches.


When football and TV marathons just aren’t cutting it, New Yorkers like to get out and stretch their legs. Their preferred escapes? Bowling alleys, shopping plazas and spas, according to Google data.