NYC weather: Snowfall and freezing temperatures this weekend, NWS says

Friday’s 1 inch of snowfall was just a warm-up: Snowfall Saturday reached more than 7 inches in some parts of the city.

Queens was the heaviest hit of the five boroughs, with 7.5 inches reported near Kennedy Airport and 7.3 inches in Rego Park, the National Weather Service said. Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn had 6.8 inches, while both Central Park and the area near the Bronx Zoo saw 5 inches.

Generally, the farther east, the more snow; Riverhead on Long Island saw as much as 10 inches, the weather service said.

Overnight temperatures for NYC dipped to 17 degrees, according to the NWS. On Sunday, expect highs in the mid-20s, which, factoring in winds up to 30 miles per hour, should take feels-like temperatures into the teens and upper single digits, weather service meteorologist David Stark said. 

The sun may give way to clouds on Sunday, and there’s even a chance of passing flurries, Stark said.

While the winds are expected to die down by evening, Stark said, we’re looking at another cold night with windchill temperatures expected to be around 14 degrees.

Around daybreak on Monday, winds should be around 5 to 10 miles per hour, keeping temperatures in the single digits. 

The high on Monday is expected to top out at 27 degrees, and, again, the skies should be partly cloudy, Stark said. 

But, relief is on the way. By Tuesday, look for temperatures to reach the 40s; by Wednesday, expect the lower 50s.