NYPD officers rescue Mo the rooster at Brooklyn intersection

Here’s what happened when a chicken tried to cross a Brooklyn road.

Two police officers luckily spotted the black bird at the intersection of Flatbush and Snyder avenues and flew into action, hopping from their car and rescuing it from a potential vehicular butchering.

Sgts. Anthony Egan and Jose Bello were surprised by the sight of a lone rooster on a Brooklyn road.

“He gave us a little fight at first,” Egan said Wednesday after an animal sanctuary publicized their heroism . “Once we got ahold of him, he was no problem and my day just started so I pretty much had him all day.”

He said the rooster, now named Mo, appeared tattered and abused when they found him Dec. 9: The bird’s beak was black and frayed. Egan could not tell whether the rooster had been used in a cockfight.

Egan said he grew fond of the bird while spending time with him. “Once he realized that we didn’t want to hurt him, he seemed pretty cool — I don’t know if that’s a way to describe a rooster, but he was pretty cool,” Egan said.

But he couldn’t adopt it so he reached out to Farm Sanctuary, an animal protection non-profit in Watkins Glen, N.Y., which took in the rooster and gave him a complete health check and antibiotics. They also gave the bird its name.

“If left in the state he was in, he would never have made it,” said Susie Coston, the director of Farm Sanctuary. Coston credited Egan with saving the rooster’s life.

Egan told amNewYork, “We serve and protect more than just humans.”