Obama to the right of McCain?


Antonio Garcia, better known as Chico, painted a new mural of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain at Sixth St. and Avenue C on Saturday. Above is Obama, though with his black hair not painted in yet, he was looking a bit like McCain at this stage. While it may seem Chico’s mural doesn’t overtly endorse either candidate, the message written on it subtly gives the artist’s opinion: “America, make the right choice — and vote.” Obama is on the right in the piece, thus, Chico explained, “When I say ‘the right choice,’ I’m saying Obama.” Also, behind McCain there is an oil spill, while behind Obama there is a supportive crowd. “He’s younger,” Chico said of Obama. “He’s not the same thing back in the White House for another eight years. He’s against the war…a lot of new ideas…someone willing to work hard for us, to give a chance to the middle class to get ahead and make it. I believe he can win. I have faith in him.”