Peter Dinklage backs carriage horse ban

“Games of Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage has joined the mayor and a growing number of celebrities in the fight to ban carriage horses in New York City.

Dinklage, 44, appeared in a video released by PETA Wednesday, saying, “I live here in New York, one thing that really bothers me is the horse-drawn carriages.”

Stars such as Alicia Silverstone, Pink, Wendy Williams, and Dave Navarro were also featured in the video to show support for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to nix the city’s carriage horse industry.

The campaign against the city’s carriage horses already boasts 128,000 members in the New York area alone, according to PETA. Stars such as Pamela Anderson point to the fact that cities like London and Toronto have already done away with what de Blasio has called a practice “not appropriate to the year 2014”.


De Blasio’s proposal needs an OK from the City Council but a bill hasn’t been introduced yet.