PHOTOS: Snow falls on residents of Soho and Greenwich Village

Photo by Tequila Minsky


Like the rest of New York City, both Soho and Greenwich Village were clobbered with piles of snow during Monday’s nor’easter. After digging out the neighborhood, many took the time to find the brighter side of the storm and made communities of snow people while others busted out their skis for a mountain experience right here.

Photos by Tequila Minsky

While many of the snowpeople made on Monday during the blizzard fell or disolved this one, used in a local TV new broadcast, was still standing one day later.
A snowman kingdom.
Haven for the snow people. WSP.
Snow women were sculpted too.
A haven for snowpeople.
This snowperson taking a break on a park bench.

Some creative and very graphic snow sculptuers among the snowmen at the blizzard’s winter snow festival that took place on Monday.

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