Police Blotter

Precinct beefs up dinner detail

The Annual Sixth Precinct Police Roast Beef Dinner will be held on Tues., Dec. 7, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Our Lady of Pompei Senior Center, Father Demo Hall, at Bleecker and Carmine Sts. Food has been donated by local merchants and will be served by members of Greenwich Village’s Sixth Precinct. Admission is $12 at the door. All proceeds go to The Caring Community’s operating fund. For more information, call Sandy Gabin at 212-989-3620.

Dutch-police dustup

An employee of the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C., and his Dutch friend were arrested after a fight outside Arthur’s Tavern, 57 Grove St., during the early hours of Sun., Nov. 28. Rob Van Der Hoek, 30, a consular official at the embassy, and his friend Kristopher Rendon, 31, both residents of Bethesda, Md., were charged with assault. Two women, identified in a New York Post article as Lenneke Veeninga, Rendon’s wife, and Roos Kouwenhoven, Van Der Hoek’s fiancée, were also involved, according to the Post, but were not charged. The incident began around 1:30 a.m. when the suspects learned that Arthur’s, a jazz club, does not take credit cards. They said they couldn’t pay cash and argued with the waitress. The argument turned physical and carried outside when police came to break it up. Police said the suspects attacked them, but Van Der Hoek and Rendon claimed they were beaten by police, according to the Post. The two men were released on $1,500 bail pending a Dec. 3 court appearance.

Billy bank bustalujah

Reverend Billy Talen of the Church of Life After Shopping took his angel choir on a protest march from Columbus Circle to the UBS bank building on Sixth Ave. at 52nd St., on the biggest shopping day of the year, the Friday after Thanksgiving. They demonstrated against the Swiss bank for its financing of mountaintop-removal coal mining. Police arrested Talen around 4:30 p.m. and took him to “The Tombs,” at 100 Centre St., where he was held 18 hours. Billy told The Villager that police at the scene said they just wanted to take him aside and talk to him, but they handcuffed him and took him Downtown in a police car. Talen quoted the judge at his 11 a.m. misdemeanor trespass arraignment on Sat., Nov. 27, as asking why he wasn’t issued a summons instead of being put through the system. Norman Siegel will represent Reverend Billy at his Jan. 11 court appearance.

Holiday home invader

Police arrested Damont Green, 27, on Sun., Nov. 28, and charged him with the burglary and robbery of a woman in her bedroom at 55 Morton St. around 5:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. The victim, 27, woke up to see a man holding a knife, police said. She struggled with the intruder, sustaining an injury to her leg, and the man fled after taking unspecified items. The victim was taken to Beth Israel Hospital in stable condition. Green is being held pending a court appearance on burglary, robbery causing an injury, credit-card grand larceny, criminal trespass and possession of marijuana.

Left Mom, 93, on floor

Police arrested Gordon Dowling, 57, of 175 W. 13th St., on Nov. 23 and charged him with leaving his mother, 93, in the apartment they shared for at least two days, lying on the floor in a soiled nightgown amid feces and mold. An Emergency Medical Service team found her helpless on the floor while Dowling was in the apartment and making no attempt to help her, according to the complaint. Dowling was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of an incompetent and physically disabled, elderly person. Dowling, who is represented by a court-appointed attorney, was released on his own recognizance pending a court appearance on the charges.

Domestic assault

Police arrested Sebastian Caldwell, 28, on Fri., Nov. 26, and charged him with strangulation and assault for choking and beating his girlfriend in their apartment on E. 11th St. at Avenue A at 2 a.m. Wed., Nov. 2. Caldwell was also charged with choking and beating the victim on July 15.

Wicked mug shot

A patron of Wicked Willy’s bar, 149 Bleecker St., got into an argument with two other patrons around 4:30 a.m. Sun., Nov. 21, and one of them smashed him in the face with a beer mug. The other suspect punched the 37-year-old victim in the eye and both assailants fled, according to reports.

Religion rip-off

A visitor from Cincinnati told police on Fri., Nov. 26, that as soon as he discovered his wallet was gone around 3:52 p.m. he returned to the True Religion clothing boutique at 132 Prince St., where he last had it two hours earlier. A surveillance camera at the shop recorded two men kicking a wallet on the floor and hiding their faces as they picked it up and walked out. The victim lost $600 in cash and various credit cards.

Women wallet stealers

A saleswoman at LePage New York, the gift shop at 72 Thompson St., told police she was busy taking care of a crowd of shoppers on the afternoon of Fri., Nov. 12, and discovered when most of the crowd had left around 2 p.m. that her wallet had been stolen. The victim said she suspected that two women who were among the last to leave had made off with her wallet with $15 in cash, her MetroCard and credit cards.

Chanel bags went

The manager of What Goes Around Comes Around, the boutique at 351 West Broadway between Grand and Broome Sts., told police that two Chanel bags with a total value of $4,950 were stolen from a display case around 2:30 p.m. Fri., Nov. 26. The shop was so busy that employees were unable to see how the bags were stolen, police said.

Rock-a-bye bag

A female Hudson Square resident told police she was in Don Hill’s, the music club at 511 Greenwich St., during the early hours of Fri., Nov. 19, and had put her bag on the floor by her chair around 1 a.m. When she bent to pick it up a half hour later, she discovered it had been stolen, along with $220 in cash, diamond earrings valued at $300, her Apple cell phone, credit cards and house keys.

Albert Amateau