Police Blotter: October 21, 2015

Police Officer Randolph Holder, who died in the line of duty on October 20. | NYPD DCPI
Police Officer Randolph Holder, who died in the line of duty on October 20. | NYPD DCPI

Killed in the Line of Duty

Police Officer Randolph Holder, 33, was murdered in the line of duty on October 20 after responding to calls of shots being fired in East Harlem. Holder was struck in the head after an exchange of gunfire between a male suspect and two officers, police said.

Police said that a male victim told other responding officers that his bike was stolen at gunpoint by one of the several male suspects. Officers from Holder’s unit, Housing Bureau PSA 5, encountered a male on a bicycle, which led to the firefight.

The suspect, identified as Tyrone Howard, continued north on the footpath, despite gunshot wounds to his leg, and was caught at East 124th Street by police officers. Three other males were taken into custody near East 111st Street and are being questioned for their possible participation of the incident.

Holder, a third-generation police officer and Guyanese immigrant, was taken to Harlem Hospital, labeled in critical condition, and pronounced dead at 10:22 p.m.

$50 from 7 Eleven
(17th precinct)

Police say a male stole $50 from a Midtown 7 Eleven, located at 478 Third Avenue near 33rd Street at knifepoint on October 14. At about 10 p.m., a bearded suspect entered the location, pulled a knife, demanded money, and then left on foot, according to police.

A Fiery Attack
(Midtown South precinct)

On October 9, a suspect threw a Molotov cocktail at a group of adult males in front of 356 West 37th Street at around 1:30 p.m., according to police. Despite causing a fire in front of the location, there were no injuries, police said.

Armed and menacing
(Midtown North precinct)

Police said that on October 19, a suspect was making hissing noises at a 38-year-old female at the Fifth Avenue Station at 53rd Street. As the female turned around to investigate the noise, she saw the suspect “manipulating his penis outside of his pants,” according to police. As the suspect began to leave, a 41-year-old male went to console the female victim and began to pursue the hissing man, police said. Once the male pursuer began recording the suspect, he pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at the man and told him to mind his own business, police said. The suspect fled and no injuries were reported.

Grisly Gutter
(17th precinct)

On October 20, police found a dead 49-year-old male inside a storm drain at East 33rd Street and First Avenue around 11:30 a.m. An investigation is ongoing and the city medical examiner is working on determining the cause of death.

Local Police Contacts:

Midtown North Precinct
306 West 54 Street

Midtown South Precinct
357 West 35th Street

17th Precinct
167 East 51st Street

19th Precinct
153 East 67th Street

20th Precinct
120 West 82nd Street

23rd Precinct
162 East 102nd Street

24th Precinct
151 West 100th Street

26th Precinct
520 West 126th Street

Central Park Precinct
86th St. and Transverse Road