Police Blotter, Week of Dec. 12, 2012

On their way home from school, two teenage girls were attacked by high school peers.

The victims, both 14, told police they were walking home from Chelsea High School in Soho at 3:45 p.m. on Wed., Dec. 7 when the incident occurred. They had reached the northwest corner of Canal St. and Avenue of the Americas when they were approached by two acquaintances, both female. The suspects had had previous arguments with the girls, according to the report, and engaged them in a verbal altercation that turned physical when one of the  pulled out a razor blade and slashed one of the girls across the face, under her left eye and down her left arm. They then fled the scene. The victim was transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center, police said.

One man’s business day went sour when his phone was jacked from his jacket on the way to the subway.

The victim, male, told police he was on the northeast corner of Morris St. and Trinity Place on Wed., Dec. 5 at about 4:45 p.m., walking away from a meeting at 1 Battery Plaza, when he was bumped by the robber, who swiped the cell phone from the victim’s front jacket pocket and took off. The man notified police, who conducted a search of the area, but turned up no results. The phone was a BlackBerry, valued at $400.

Another man, 29, was on his to work when his phone was forcibly taken while riding the C Train. On Sun., Dec. 2, at 6:45 a.m., the Bronx resident was accosted by a different robber who grabbed the victim’s Apple iPhone 4S (valued at $350) from his hand. In the ensuing struggle, the thief pulled out a knife, the victim told police. According to the report, the victim backed off, allowing the suspect to escape through the open train doors at the Chambers Street station. The victim cancelled his cell service.

Three employees witnessed an attempt at shoplifting that turned into robbery when they confronted the thief.

While working the cash register at Duane Reade on 1 Whitehall St., on the morning of Tues., Dec. 4, an employee noticed a man enter the store, walk to the over-the-counter medicine aisle and stuff several pieces of merchandise into his pockets before exiting the store without paying. Moments later, the robber, described as a small, bald man with a goatee, reentered the store for more. At this point, the employee called the store manager to deal with the situation.

The manager and another employee confronted the man and asked him to return the store’s property. The man reportedly replied, “I have a joke to tell you,” at which point he removed the merchandise from one pocket and a box cutter from the other. Witnesses said they drew back and the man exited the store with the box cutter still displayed.

However, during the excitement, his knit hat had apparently fallen off, making D.N.A. identification possible. The suspect was also reported to have removed a Mastercard from the location that did not belong to him.

Two employees of Fraunces Tavern, at 54 Pearl St., learned the break room was easier break into than they thought.

The two 22-year-old women left their wallets in their purses inside the unattended employee lounge on the night of Thurs., Dec. 6. Later that night, they came back to the break room to find out that their purses and wallets — which contained credit cards, I.D. and cash — were missing. One woman’s wallet, of the Coach variety, was valued at $200, and they lost $540 in cash combined. No unauthorized usage was reported on their cards before they cancelled them.

According to police, there was a surveillance camera in the room, but it was not working due to flooding, so no footage exists of the thieves.

Another woman, a temporary resident of New York City left her purse unattended while she went to the restroom of Blue Planet Grill on 120 Greenwich St. On Mon., Dec. 3, at about 8 p.m., the 44-year-old, she reported to police that she removed her purse and wallet from her bag before heading to powder her nose. During the time she was gone, someone must have taken her purse and wallet, though she said she did not realize the theft until the next day.

Police reported that there were charges in excess of $7,000 dollars made on her cards before she notified police. The Louis Vuitton wallet and purse together were valued at about $1,400.

Hell hath no fury like a woman with a glass in hand.

A young man, 22, was assaulted by a woman in the Sway Lounge at 305 Spring St. just after midnight on Sun., Dec. 2 according to a police report.

The victim told police he was sitting at a table at the bar at about 12:05 a.m. when he reportedly asked the woman to leave his table. She threw a glass at him, striking him on the left side of the face and drawing a deep slash in his face. The victim said he was taken to New York Downtown Hospital by E.M.S., where he got eight stitches. Police did not indicate why the woman was at his table or why she was asked to leave.

A woman’s purse was stolen from the trunk of her car, which was parked on the northeast corner of Mercer and Grand Streets on Sun., Nov. 25.

The victim, 49, told police she had been shopping in the area when she returned to her car at about 11 p.m. She opened the trunk to find her purse missing. According to the file, the bag contained social security cards, a driver’s license, a pair of Levi jeans valued at $150, car keys and credit cards. She told police that she had cancelled her cards and no unauthorized usage was reported on them. Police reportedly conducted a canvas of the area, with no result.

— Kaitlyn Meade