Police Blotter, Week of June 12, 2014

A screen grab from a surveillance video provided by police, showing the alleged attempted-rape suspect inside the E. Sixth St. building on Dec. 28.

Clip was the tip
Last Sunday, at 11 p.m., a man was stopped in the Eighth Ave. and W. 14th St. subway station when police observed a silver clip on his back right shorts pocket. Upon a frisk search, the man was discovered to have been carrying a gravity knife. He carried no valid ID, and initially gave police a false date of birth.

Upon a full search, police found that the man was carrying a metal can in his right-hand shorts pocket, with alleged marijuana inside. In a bag he was carrying, the man had a second metal can of marijuana, a plastic bag containing the same substance, five cans of resin, a hidden G.P.S. tracker and a pouch containing $643. In addition, police found a large plastic container with 19 boxes of marijuana marked “Acme Organics,” as well as various sealed food products allegedly laced with the substance.

Georgantiz Evangelos, 32, had a previous conviction for criminal possession of a weapon. He was arrested and charged with criminal possession of marijuana.

Give this guy a raise!
On the afternoon of June 5, a salesperson from the Marc Jacobs clothing and boutique store on Bleecker St. called police to report a transaction made with a stolen credit card.

David Tripp, 31, called the store at 3 p.m. to make a purchase for $4,401. According the arresting officer’s report, Tripp told the sales rep over the phone that he was part of a band, and “needed to make a purchase for such.”

After taking the order, the Marc Jacobs employee became suspicious and googled the name on the credit card to find a phone number. He called the cardholder, who said that she had not authorized the order. In order to lure the perpetrator into the store, the worker went along with the order. At around 8 p.m., Tripp entered the store, and attempted to identify himself as the registered name on the card, despite a gender difference.

The Marc Jacobs employee notified police, and had the victim restate that she had not authorized the transaction over the phone. Tripp was charged with grand larceny for attempted use of a stolen credit card.

Grabbed her breast
A newsstand operator at the Broadway and E. Eighth St. subway station was arrested for sexual harassment last Sunday afternoon.

Police said a woman, 21, reported that the newsstand vendor had walked from behind the cash register counter to forcibly touch her. Her account was backed up by a female witness, 22.

The victim stated that after she had bought some candy, the man walked over to her and used his right hand to grab her breast, “without permission or authority to do so,” according to the police report.

Mohammad Chowdhury, 59, was charged with misdemeanor forcible touching.

Pees…then flees
Police arrested a man last Friday for public urination and charged him with resisting arrest.

Connor Duhaime, 21, was observed urinating on the sidewalk in front of 15 Cornelia St., at 12:10 a.m. When patrolling officers approached to give Duhaime a summons, he ran away onto a one-way street, creating “hazardous conditions,” according to the report of the officers who chased him down.

When police caught up to him, Duhaime further resisted arrest by placing his arms underneath his body.

Bouncer bashed
A man was thrown out of the Standard Hotel bar, at 444 W. 13th St., for being “disorderly and causing public alarm.”

A bouncer took the intoxicated man outside, at around 4 p.m. on Sunday. While being escorted out of the premises, Gregory Watkins, 21, allegedly punched the bouncer in the face, causing swelling and a laceration to the man’s bottom lip. Police arrived on the scene soon after, and charged Watkins with assault.

–  Sergei Klebnikov