Police Blotter: Week of Nov. 23, 2017


Cops arrested a ticket seller operating around Bowling Green after he allegedly attacked a man with a clipboard on Nov. 12.

The victim told police he was strolling with his wife past the park near Broadway at 3:45 pm, when the suspect offered to sell him some tickets and the man refused.

As he walked away, the vendor shouted to the man’s wife, “you need a new husband,” and the victim responded with a curt, “fuck you,” according to police.

The suspect began following the victim, and the pair continued their dispute, which climaxed when the ticket seller began pummeling his would-be client with a clipboard, catching him in the head and neck, cops said.

But police caught up with the suspect not long after, and charged him with assault, cops said.



A thief nabbed $4,300 from a man’s bag inside a Water Street coffee shop on Nov. 16.

The victim told police he was just leaving the coffee house between Whitehall and Moore streets at 1 pm, when he noticed someone had opened his bag without his realizing it and stolen the small fortune in cash he had on him.



Five punks stole two phones from a Broadway cellphone shop on Nov. 16.

An employee told police he was working inside the store between Duane and Reade streets at 1 pm, when the small gang nabbed an iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6 S, together worth more than $1,300, and fled.



A pickpocket lifted a man’s wallet off him from inside a Varick Street nightclub on Nov. 16.

The victim told police he joined the party at the watering hole between W. Houston and King streets at 10 pm, and was enjoying himself until around midnight, when he realized his wallet had been snatched.

Because of the club setting, the victim was bumping into all sorts of people, any one of whom could have been the sticky-fingered thief, cops said.


A thief rode off with a delivery guy’s $1,450 electronic bike that he left on North Moore Street on Nov. 19.

The victim told police he chained his e-bike to a pole between Greenwich and West streets to drop off a delivery at 9:50 pm, but then he returned about 10 minutes later to find his ride was stolen.



A 61-year-old man was arrested for allegedly stealing nine pairs of jeans worth more than $1,100 from a Vesey Street department store on Nov. 18.

The alleged theft was witnessed by two employees, who said they were inside the big-box retailer between North End Avenue and West Street at 5:40 pm when they spotted the suspect try to flee with a small fortune worth of Lookout High-Rise Kaihara jeans, cops said.

Police slapped cuffs on the suspect later that day, and charged him with grand larceny, cops said.

Colin Mixson