Police Blotter: Week of Oct. 5, 2017


A thief stole more than $4,600 worth of merchandise from a Vesey Street fashion boutique on Sept. 26.

An employee told police the suspect waltzed into the store near West Street at 12:17 pm, and nabbed a small fortune worth of fancy sunglasses, bags, wallets and suitcases from the swank retailer before fleeing on a bike.



Cops are hunting a one-time construction worker suspected of looting his former employer’s Stone Street worksite on Sept. 22.

The victim told police his ex-employee slunk into the construction site between Broad and Whitehall streets at 11 am, and grabbed a $1,100 hammerdrill and drill bits, along with a 50-foot extension chord worth about $125, before fleeing in broad daylight as his former colleagues continued their labors.



A thief made off with a $4,000 surgical headlight and women’s shoes from a man’s car on North End Avenue on Sept. 25.

The victim told police he parked his car near Warren Street at 7 pm, and returned early the following morning to find his high-powered doctor’s light and feminine footwear were stolen.

Speaking to investigators, the victim admitted he probably left the car unlocked, cops said.



A sticky fingered thief deftly nabbed a $3,000 camera from the back of a woman’s car as she loaded luggage up front on Broadway on Sept. 23.

The victim told police she had loaded up the back of her hatchback near Cortland Street for a trip to Long Island at 11 pm, and had left the hatch open with the camera inside as she was throwing some of her stuff into the car’s front passenger side.

It only took a moment, but it was enough for the thief to sneak into the car’s rear and nab the pricey photo gear without its owner noticing, cops said.


A crook looted a Greene Street fashion boutique to the tune of $21,000 worth of leather jackets on Sept. 20.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect force open the front door of the business between Spring and Broome streets at 3:47 am, then grabbing six Jeffrey Rudes jackets and fleeing.



A thief nabbed a woman’s $5,000 watch she left unguarded in a Murray Street gym on Sept. 17.

The victim told police she took off her watch to shower at the gym between W. Broadway and Church Street at 5:30 pm, placing it on a ledge outside the stall.

All clean, she stepped out of the shower 15 minutes later, and discovered the silver timepiece stolen, cops said.



A burglar ransacked a woman’s car on Thompson Street on Sept. 22, taking more than $1,000 worth of electronics and other valuables.

The victim told police she parked her car between W. Houston and Prince streets at 8 pm, and returned at around 1 am to find a back window busted and her backpack — which contained an Apple laptop and perfume — stolen.



Cops busted a man for allegedly slashing a woman on Broadway on Sept. 22.

The victim, 28, told police she was between Vesey and Fulton streets at 8:05 pm, when the suspect approached her from behind and snarled, “don’t turn around.”

But that’s exactly what the woman did, and the suspect pulled a blade, which he allegedly used to open up a nasty gash on her shoulder, cops said.

Police collared their suspect later that evening, and the victim identified him as her attacker, cops said.



Cops are hunting the fiend who nabbed cash off a sleeping straphanger and then beat a good Samaritan with his own bike lock aboard an N train near Chambers Street on Sept. 22.

The beating victim told police his train was approaching the station near West Broadway at 1:45 am, when he spotted the crook sneaking cash out of a woman’s pocket as she slept, according to police.

The good Samaritan went to intervene and ended up brawling with the thief, who managed to drag a chain off the victim’s bike and clock him with it over the head.

The crook made off with the woman’s $60, along with the bike chain. The victim required stitches for his wound, cops said.

— Colin Mixson