Police Blotter: Week of Sept. 29, 2016


A pair of phone snatchings happened minutes apart in Lower Manhattan on Sept. 24.

The first theft occurred on West Broadway near Park Place at 9:55 p.m., when a 43-year-old man took out his brand new iPhone 7 as he was walking from a nearby subway station, and the crook grabbed the $850 cell from his hands, cops said.

Police searched the area, but said they were unable to root out the crook.

The second theft occurred just five minutes later on Liberty St. near Broadway, where another thief nabbed an iPhone 6 from his victim’s hands, cops said.

As before, police searched the area, but came up empty handed, cops said.


A pickpocket snatched a credit card from a woman’s purse inside a Grand St. eatery on Sept. 20.

The victim told police that she was inside the restaurant between Greene and Mercer Sts. at 2:30 p.m. when somebody bumped into her as she was taking a sip of her coffee.

It was only later that the victim realized her card had gone missing and that a few hours later a designer handbag valued at $2,384 had been charged to her account, cops said.


A thief ripped off a Grand St. clothing boutique on Sept. 23, walking out with $1,730 worth of fashion merchandise.

A rep for the store told police the crook waltzed into the retailer between Greene and Mercer Sts. at 3:25 p.m., before proceeding to grab three designer handbags and breezing past the register.


A thief stole three Gucci polo shirts worth an astounding $1,485 from a Vesey St. fashion outlet on Sept. 22.

A store rep told police that the thief walked into the boutique near West St. at 3:06 p.m., and proceeded to stuff the three ritzy shirts inside a shopping bag, before sneaking past the electronic sensors at the door.

— Colin Mixson