Police Blotter: Week of Sept. 29, 2016


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: Furious fare | On Sat., Sept. 24, a 51-year-old driver experienced some very literal pushback from a passenger unhappy with the cost of their cab. At 10:30pm on that night, the two pulled up outside of 80 Eighth Ave. (btw. W. 14th & W. 15th Sts.), and proceeded to get into a verbal altercation over the fare and the location of the drop-off. Things escalated when the man exited the vehicle and kicked the driver’s door, causing a dent. Not satisfied with simply damaging his property, the rage-filled rider then reached back inside the vehicle, and started a physical altercation with the driver — causing him to shift gears and reverse into another vehicle, damaging it, as well as his own vehicle’s left bumper. No injuries were sustained, and the two motorists exchanged information — though somehow, in the kerfuffle, the troublesome traveler got away.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: I threw a brick through a windshield | At about 3am on Sun., Sept. 25, on the 400 block of W. 27th St. (btw. Ninth & 10th Aves.), a man witnessed a 24-year-old New Jersey man break the windshield of a vehicle by throwing a brick through it. He then proceeded, in a Hulk-like fashion, to continue to smash it using his own bare hands. Reportedly, the man had asked a question, or offered assistance to the 34-year-old owner of the car (also from Jersey) before his vehicular vandalism. The onlooker reported the incident to an officer on patrol. The man sustained injuries to his hands, caused damages totaling over $250, and was promptly arrested.

PETIT LARCENY: The smoking car | On Sat., Sept. 17, an 81-year-old New Jersey man learned that he probably should solve his auto issues with the Pep Boys rather than random passersby. The man was driving westbound on the 400 block of W. 25th St. (btw. Ninth & 10th Aves.) at 2:20pm, when he found a parking spot. After pulling in, two men approached his car and told him that his vehicle was smoking, and then proceeded to “fix it.” When they were done with their “repairs,” they informed their elderly target that he should pay them the princely sum of $400 for their “labor.” The man obliged, going to an ATM and fetching them the cash. At some point after, he realized the car wasn’t smoking at all, the men were only pretending to fix his vehicle, and he’d just been thoroughly scammed. He filed a police report to that effect on Fri., Sept. 23.

DWI: Landed in his lap | Any seasoned NYPD officer is likely tired of the familiar song-and-dance number delivered by drunk drivers in the hot seat — so cases like the one on Thurs., Sept. 22, involving an undeniably inebriated motorist, must come as a welcome open-and-shut change of pace. An officer’s interest was first piqued that night when he saw a vehicle enter a restricted area meant only for buses (at the southeast corner of Dyer Ave. & W. 41st St.), a little before 8pm. Upon further investigation, he observed that the driver had slurred speech, and, more damningly, an open alcoholic beverage sitting in plain view on his lap. The 33-year-old New Jersey resident was arrested then and there, and brought to the Seventh Precinct, where he blew a .129 BAC during a breath test a while later.


THE 10th PRECINCT: Located at 230 W. 20th St. (btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.). Commander: Capt. Paul Lanot. Main number: 212-741-8211. Community Affairs: 212-741-8226. Crime Prevention: 212-741-8226. Domestic Violence: 212-741-8216. Youth Officer: 212-741-8211. Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-924-3377. Detective Squad: 212-741-8245. The Community Council meets on the last Wed. of the month, 7pm, at the 10th Precinct or other locations to be announced.

THE 13th PRECINCT: Located at 230 E. 21st St. (btw. Second & Third Aves.). Deputy Inspector: Brendan Timoney. Call 212-477-7411. Community Affairs: 212-477-7427. Crime Prevention: 212-477-7427. Domestic Violence: 212-477-3863. Youth Officer: 212-477-7411. Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-477-4380. Detective Squad: 212-477-7444. The Community Council meets on the third Tues. of the month, 6:30pm, at the 13th Precinct.

CASH FOR GUNS | $100 cash will be given (no questions asked) for each handgun, assault weapon or sawed-off shotgun, up to a maximum payment of $300. Guns are accepted at any Police Precinct, PSA or Transit District.