Volume 74, Number 20 | September 22 – 28 , 2004

Police Blotter

Prisoner dies

A man arrested on St. Mark’s Pl. near Third Ave. for criminal possession of narcotics at 10:20 p.m. Sun. Sept. 19 went into convulsions after being booked at the Ninth Police Precinct stationhouse on E. Eighth St. and Avenue C, police said. He was taken to Beth Israel Hospital at 11:50 p.m. and died shortly after 3 a.m., police said. The Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating the cause of death. Police identified the victim only as a white male in his 20s.

Murder arrest

A suspect, charged with killing his common-law wife in the Bronx four years ago, dismembering her body and putting it in several suitcases, which were retrieved from the East River at E. 14th St., was brought to New York from Burbank, Calif., where he was in jail on an unrelated charge, police said.

Robert Foster, 32, also known as John Liles, is being held on second-degree murder in connection with the Aug. 15, 2000, death of Lisa Lennon, then 17, with whom he had a child, according to the office of Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. Foster is quoted in court papers as saying he pushed the victim down during an argument in her Bronx apartment and she never regained consciousness. He said he panicked, cut her body up in the bathtub, put the parts in plastic bags and put the bags in an unspecified number of suitcases that he threw into the river.

Smoky station

Firefighters responded to smoke conditions on the A Train platform of the W. Fourth St. I.N.D. station during the heavy rain on the morning of Sat. Sept. 18. The smoke was the result of water contacting the third rail and there were no injuries, a Fire Department spokesperson said.