The NYC metro area’s population is still No. 1, per 2018 Census Bureau estimates

New York remains the largest metropolitan area in the country — by far — according to the latest Census Bureau population estimates released Thursday. 

The 2018 population estimates were released before the 2020 Census, the official count that is done every decade.

Brooklyn had the ninth-highest population by county in the country, with about 2.58 million people living in the borough, according to the estimates. But that was less than the about 2.59 million people the Census recorded there in July 2017.

And while Los Angeles County took the top spot for county population — with a total recorded population of about 10.1 million people — the metropolitan area (which includes New York, Newark and Jersey City) had a population of about 19.98 million people, well surpassing it’s west coast counterpart. Only 13.3 million people were recorded in The Los Angeles metropolitan area, according to the data. 

Across the country, cities in the south and west saw the most population growth. The area that includes Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington saw the most growth of any metropolitan area.

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