Protesters on Oaxaca go to Rocka


By Jefferson Siegel

On Friday night, about 40 demonstrators gathered in front of the Mexican Consulate on E. 39th St to protest ongoing government oppression in Oaxaca, Mexico, where in late Oct­o­ber Indymedia reporter Brad Will was shot and killed by government-affiliated paramilitaries while filming civil unrest.

On Friday the demonstrators, carrying signs reading “Hands Off Oaxaca” and “Return the Disappeared Alive” marched in the rain up Fifth Ave. to Rockefeller Center.

They gathered in front of the ground-floor studio where NBC’s “Today” show is broadcast, across the street from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Crowds of tourists passed by; most seemed oblivious to the protest, turning their eyes and cameras instead toward the tree.

Police accompanied the march and blocked traffic so the demonstrators could march safely across intersections. In Rockefeller Center they set up a barricade on 49th St. for protesters to stand inside, but several also stood in the plaza between buildings. There were no incidents.

Invoking Will’s name, the demonstrators called for armed forces to leave Oaxaca and for Oaxaca’s governor, Ulises Ruiz, to leave office.