Queens man identified as the victim of fatal garage collapse

Photo by Dean Moses

The victim of the deadly garage collapse in Lower Manhattan Tuesday was formally identified today as a 59-year-old Queens man.

Willis Moore, who was the manager of the garage located at 57 Ann St., was found dead in the rubble about 24 hours after the building collapsed shortly after 4 p.m. on Tuesday, police said.

The NYPD did not say when his body was recovered, although sources say it was on Wednesday afternoon.

Moore, a resident of the eastern Queens neighborhood of Laurelton, was one of six workers in the four-story building at the time of its structural failure, with four others injured and another unharmed.

The exact cause of the collapse has yet to be determined, although a preliminary investigation indicates that it gave way from the weight of too many vehicles parked on the roof. The building is also nearly a century old and was in disrepair. 

Dept. of Buildings investigators say that the roof, along with the second and third floors, collapsed into the center of the building, while the rear wall also partially collapsed. The building, given the danger, is in the process of being demolished.

Video footage and photos of the aftermath show several vehicles that had been parked on the roof crashing into the floor below.