Revolution is in the air

To The Editor:
Of course the Oakland and San Francisco Occupational forces are burning cars and fighting cops. People in those areas were doing that long before I was born, and I’m 62 years old! And it’s only natural that Portland and the Pacific Northwest are having edgy and confrontational demonstrations. That is the part of the nation that gave birth to the Wobblies. And around the country, there will be occasional skirmishes and outbreaks of violence between the 1 percent and the 99 percent. There is, after all, the feeling of revolution in the air. And the 1 percent are not going to be easily removed from the stage of history.

But Occupy Wall Street has set the stage with nonviolence and pacifism, and as long as we maintain those basic principles that feeling of revolution can only grow!


We are the 99 percent.
Jerry The Peddler