Saturday Sale Worth Stooping For

Photo by Dottie Francoeur

We’ve yet to come across any reports of a genuine Picasso scooped up for a mere sawbuck — but rest assured, there are treasures to be found at the Annual Community Stoop Sale. On Saturday, May 10, from 11am to 4pm, residents will set up tables or line their stoops with bargain-priced booty from their extensive collection of books, toys, clothes and other small items. There will be no food or large furniture for sale — just good stuff, priced to move and easy to carry, sold by reasonable people who aren’t entirely opposed to a little friendly haggling.

It’s sponsored by the 300 West 23rd, 22nd, 21st & 20th Street Block Association — and it takes place on the West 400 blocks of 21st & 23rd Streets, on 22nd Street from 7th to 10th Avenue, and on 20th Street from 8th to 9th Avenue. For more information: 300wba@gmail.com.

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