#SaveNYC rally concert planned for May

Artists plan to use the power of song to help save New York’s mom and pops.

A rally concert for the #SaveNYC campaign is set for May 2 at Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side. Preservationist Jeremiah Moss started the initiative earlier this month, encouraging New Yorkers to speak out against over development.

“If people stay with #SaveNYC’s central mission, I encourage them to run with their own ideas for raising awareness,” he wrote in an email.

The $5 show will feature music by LED artist Blazes, Penny Arcade, burlesque star Dee Dee Luxe and other guests. In addition to the music, #SaveNYC representatives will be on hand to share more about the grassroots efforts to keep institutions from closing.

Since its launch, #SaveNYC has had dozens of fans post stories, videos and pictures calling on the city to preserve more iconic stores.