New scented candle captures smells and essence of spending 2020 in quarantine

2020 scent
Photos courtesy of Flaming Crap

A new scented candle that captures the essence of this past year is now for sale online.

The ‘2020 Scent’ candle officially released three weeks ago by Flaming Crap, an anti-establishment and pop culture merchandise brand established in 2020 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The candle features scents that are synonymous with this past year in quarantine.

“Many people have mixed feelings about this year, it’s been tough on many levels, but others valued their time in lockdown,” said Oliver Burr, co-founder of Flaming Crap. “Our candle is reminiscent and a reminder of some of this year’s most prominent themes, and a completely unique gift this festive period.  A way to mark this year in a fun way!”

The limited edition candle features four layers with subtle scents of banana bread, hand sanitizer, DIY and woody musks, alongside budget aftershave and an earthy essence, that Tiger King’s Joe Exotic might wear. While the smells may not traditionally go together, the team at Flaming Crap say that scents are fitting for this past year.

The candle is made using vegan kerasoy wax, recycled labels and packaging. This is currently the third batch of sales, as the first two batches of candles sold out quickly.

“The response to the 2020 Scent has been amazing, so we’re extending the product until Christmas as it’s a perfect stocking filler,” said Burr.

The candle can be purchased for £14.99 (around $19.50) on www.flamingcrap.com and will be available until Christmas.

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