Solomon to judge ‘Soho Wild Man’


BY HEATHER DUBIN  |  Richard Pearson, a mentally ill man who has been terrorizing residents and merchants around Spring St., will appear before Judge Charles Solomon in State Supreme Court on Tues., June 25, for allegedly throwing a brick at a person’s head on May 17 in Soho.

Arrested on May 22, Pearson is charged with second-degree assault, a felony. A grand jury has indicted him.

According to Soho and Nolita residents and merchants along Spring St. and in the surrounding area, Pearson has wreaked havoc on their lives by verbally and physically harassing people. At a Fifth Precinct Community Council meeting on June 29, locals expressed concern for their safety, shared stories about Pearson’s behavior and asked police for help.

Assistant District Attorney Kaitrin Roberts advised those at the meeting to write letters to the judge, detailing their experiences with Pearson, which could potentially impact the case.

Next week Pearson is scheduled to be arraigned, when he will enter a guilty or not-guilty plea. Solomon will then determine the next course of action. Pearson could be held in jail without bail, or a new bail amount could be set.