For Super Bowl LIII, New Yorkers rooting for a Patriots loss

New York football fans have it out for the Patriots.

As Bill Belichick’s mostly-hated team from New England takes on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII this weekend, fans in the city prepared to root for anyone but the Pats.

“I think they had their dynasty already,” said Rosedale resident Howard Vincent, 59, about the Patriots, dubbing them “the evil empire.”

“Also I’m a Jets fan so it’s a natural thing to dislike them,” he said, adding about the Rams: “They’ve actually got a pretty good team. I didn’t realize how good they were until halfway through the season.”

The Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints in the NFC championship on Jan. 20 to get into the Super Bowl, which included a controversial no-call of pass interference. The Patriots, who have played in four of the last five Super Bowls, beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship. 

Sunnyside resident Mary Cooney, 56, said she isn’t rooting for either team, and is still upset the Saints aren’t in the big game. When pressed, Cooney — a Giants fan — said she was “rooting against the Patriots.”

“I’m just tired of them winning all the time. And the Boston/New York rivalry continues,” she said.

Fellow Giants fan John Guzmáan, 37, of Astoria, was also rooting for the Saints. Now, he’s picking the Rams.

“If I had to pick one, I would say the Rams. I’m not a fan of Boston and New England,” he said. “I think the Rams deserve it though because they haven’t won it in a while … The rams are lucky if they win this one because, overall, the Patriots have a better team. For me, the Patriots are too cocky, they’ve won too many Super Bowls already.”

Hell’s Kitchen resident Paul Johnston, 37, said he actually picked the Rams to win halfway through the season, after giving up on both the Giants and the Jets.

“It’s easy to hate the Patriots because they’re the Patriots,” he said. “I’m just excited — LA team, young coach, a lot of young, new players, new names.

“Hopefully they’ll kick Brady’s [expletive] and he’ll go home crying to Giselle,” Johnston added.

Upper East Side resident Lindsey Reder, 23, said as an Eagles fan she wasn’t too keen on either team this year. But if she had to pick one, she’d also pick the Rams.

“I followed the Rams throughout the season, I think they did a good job,” she said. “Either way, it will be good. I hope it’s a good game.”

While most viewers will be tuning in to see which team hoists the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Christina Idowu, 23, will be watching for the commercials and celebrity appearances.

“I’m not a real big sports person but I love the commercials,” said the Corona resident. “Normally I don’t like to watch commercials, but that day it’s a theme.”