SUV lands on top of Q train in Brooklyn

A woman who drove an SUV on top of a Q train in Brooklyn early Wednesday was arrested for allegedly fleeing the scene and cooking up a phony carjacking story, the NYPD said.

Hannah Harris, 20, from Marine Park, walked away from the incident that led to delays on the trains but no injuries, MTA and NYPD officials said.

Just before 5 a.m., a 2006 Nissan Suburban crashed into a concrete wall and through the fence just north of the Beverly Road station in Brooklyn, with the car then landing on top of a southbound Q train, the MTA said.

Harris falsely reported to police shortly before 2 p.m. that her car was stolen, according to the NYPD. She is charged with filing a false report and leaving the scene of an accident.

After the accident, a rescue train was brought in to remove approximately 40 passengers from the incident train and brought them to the Church Avenue station. Rescue crews removed the car around 7:15 a.m., the MTA said.

Service on both the B and Q lines was disrupted for over two hours, and southbound Q trains continued to run express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway through rush hour.