Times Square’s giant screens to become zoo-like display of art in May

An outdoor art show in Times Square that puts the “jungle” in “urban jungle.”

It’s a zoo in Times Square! Images of wild animals — from monkeys to reptiles —will take over giant signs that light up the Crossroads of the World for three minutes each night in May.

It’s all part of a monthly outdoor art series called Midnight Moment.

This month’s featured artist is Leslie Thornton, whose film “Binoculaur Minagerie” has been adapted for Times Square and will play on 18 signs and 46 screens. The largest screens set to show the work are the 226 foot tall American Eagle Times Square and the 22-stories tall Reuters signs.

The film juxtaposes images of 13 different animals next to mirror images that have been transformed into kaleidoscopic patterns.

This month’s show begins at 11:57 p.m. on Wednesday and ends at midnight.

The Times Square Advertising Coalition and Times Square Arts produce the outdoor art series, which is now in its second year.

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