Top Workplaces 2023 | The best small businesses in NYC

Top workplaces
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Employees at great businesses across New York City gave high marks to companies large, midsize and small in the 2023 Top Workplaces program, sponsored by Schneps Media and Energage

Here are the top 23 small businesses in the 2023 Top Workplaces program, as chosen by the survey participants.

1. Sinclair

Design engineers, sales, quality assurance, and manufacturing specialists hone an ideal career at the medical device company Sinclair. Innovations are born and evolve hear, and employees learn and grow in an ideal setting. The business has an in-house commercial infrastructure, with manufacturing, company-owned affiliates, and distributors in world markets which makes it an optimum place to move your career ahead in a global environment. The company has undergone major growth in the aesthetics market and developed a niche in providing effective, high-quality, longer-lasting, and natural treatments that are minimally invasive. Employees of Sinclair may forge their international careers, working side-by-side as the company continues to serve its current markets in the United States, Europe, UAE, and Asia, and expand to new ones.

2. Tropic

Tropic is the kind of software company that attracts a sharp staff that understands what it takes to make buying and managing software look easy. The website refers to the company as a procurement paradise. Its mission is to aid companies in preserving their software budget while providing them with better visibility while making the purchase process simple. Employees of Tropic become part of a top-tier team to provide data, tools, and services to automate procurement for tech-forward companies. Career opportunities abound as a procurement specialist that manages vendor relationships and takes care of order placement, engineering, marketing management, and consumer experience. Aspirations are limitless at a company like Topic where fine-tuned skills are rewarded with the opportunity to acquire new ones.

3. Beacon Platform

Beacon Platform is the next generation of quant technology and elastic cloud infrastructure. Its front office applications give financial services firms the flexibility, security, and scale they need to gain a competitive edge. Mark Higgins and Kirat Singh started Beacon Platform in 2014 as a private company to share their lessons learned from almost 20 years of experience in Information Technology, developing trading and risk management systems for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs. As a small business based in New York, they believe that respect, integrity, and diversity lead to excellent products and services for clients and exceptional experiences for the 67 hired employees.

4. The Domain Companies

Fresh perspectives and new ideas have a career home at The Domain Companies. The real estate and development company attracts a bright workforce that shares its goal to make a longstanding social, economic, and physical impact on the communities served. Opportunity abounds in this organization for anyone wanting to make a lasting impact in the future of affordable, mixed-income, and luxury apartments, condominiums, hospitality, retail, entertainment space, and creative workspace. The niche skills, background, and education of the work team move their employer forward while enabling members to employ expertly and expertly acquired skillsets and learn new ones. Creative professionals are encouraged to let their innovative ideas drive career growth and advancement.

5. Excelsior Care Group LLC

Founded in 2014, Excelsior Care Group is a rapidly expanding private premier healthcare management firm that strategically provides management consulting services to Subacute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Tri-State area and is proud to introduce its proactive, sophisticated vision to the healthcare industry. With its headquarters in Brooklyn, Excelsior is committed to the individuals and families in its growing network. Identifying specific needs for rehabilitation services and skilled nursing care in the communities, the company’s award-winning initiatives in heart health, orthopedic rehab, pulmonary, and wound care are raising the bar in the healthcare universe. Even with approximately 50 employees in the United States, this small team works to find the latest protocols and treatments to expedite the healing process with leading physician specialists.

6. Oxeon

An executive search firm that serves the healthcare industry is doing something so right according to its work staff. Ask and you will learn among accolades when you mention the name Oxeon. The company website espouses its ideals like this. Oxeon, an industry-leading builder of transformational healthcare solutions, powers change to our nation’s broken healthcare system through talent, entrepreneurship, and investment. The company has a reputation as an employer for investing in its employees. Each member of the staff has the opportunity to gain diverse learning and experience. Excellent service is provided by a team that believes they work for an honest and ethical employer. Special events like birthdays and celebrations are highlighted in an organization where employed people seem to share a mutual respect for one another are some of the ways you will find Oxean described as an ideal workplace.

7. The Millennium Alliance

The Millennium Alliance is a tech and business educational advisor firm that employs an intelligent, well-rounded workforce. The staff learns quickly at the company whose mission is to transform the digital enterprise, the company website states. Being employed here means being part of a company that specializes in offering a technical executive education platform, peer-to-peer learning established by senior staff, projects taken on with Ivy Leave universities, and the company’s many digital properties. A new career gets a rocket launch of a start at this perfect company for someone newly graduated from college. You learn the basics of sales, from cold calling to closing while selling to C-Level executives from top companies and health systems throughout North America. Growth ebbs forward rapidly for anyone that joins The Millennium Alliance with enthusiasm to learn and evolve on a team where among goals might be a promotion from basic sales to director of business development, among opportunities.

8. Trail of Bits

At Trail of Bits, they don’t just fix bugs, they fix software — and they take care of their staff. Being an industry leader in high-end security research, the team at Trail of Bits has a track record of discovering critical Internet vulnerabilities in targets hardened by dedicated security teams. Named one of the best places to work by Built In, Trail of Bits goes above and beyond for their people, across multiple metrics. Not only are they one of the best companies to work for in New York City, but they’re also among the best paying. When it comes to their employees, engagement and retention is Trail of Bits’ top priority.

9. DAY Elevator and Lift

In a family-oriented culture, the owners of Day Elevator have impacted their staff to feel welcomed. Many say they trust their career at Day Elevators for many reasons including this. A technician at the compact company will be presented with many opportunities like various educational technician certification programs and working on a wide variety of equipment that expand one’s knowledge on the field. 

10. Janover LLC

Accounting career aspirations are optimally achieved at Janover. The firm provides audit and accounting, taxation, advisory, and consulting services. A team approach caters to clients to expertly help clients maximize savings and profit, minimize tax burdens, and address minutes and complex financial challenges. The staff works in a collaborative fashion to help professionals tailor their strategies to find solutions for their specific needs. Learn, evolve, mentor, and be mentored while catering to clients that come to Janover when they need a tailored approach to help their business grow.


The Pension Boards-United Church of Christ, Inc. (PBUCC) is an Affiliated Ministry of the United Church of Christ that administers benefit programs to ministers and lay workers. Financial security in their career and retirement years is in the company’s purview. The staff here learn and excel in a large organization that serves 22,000 active and inactive employees, according to the PBUCC website. Staff, from senior specialists, programs administrators, managers, health plan operators, and other titles are responsible for strengthening the knowledge of PBUCC’s benefit plans for internal teams, employers, and members and for supporting core business communications and reporting functions. An opportunity to engage with other professionals that share the company’s expectation to achieve excellence, positivity, and exceed expectations makes working at PBUCC an ideal career step.

12. International Seaways

The people employed at International Seaways, Inc. are the heart of the company whether in the office or on board. Our people are the heart of the operation at one of the world’s largest tanker companies that provide energy transportation services for crude oil and petroleum products. A team of committed professionals provides customer service and operational efficiency for the company that operates a fleet of 76 vessels. A high standard is a shared attribute of employees of International Seaways. It is embedded in the employee-to-employee experience, as much as it is between the staff and leaders of the companies it services which are independent and state-owned oil companies, oil traders, refinery operators, and international government entities. The NY-based company is a leader in the utiltity industry with over 1500 employees, according to its website.

13. Aprio, LLP

Are you passionate about where you want to work next? Why not take a look at the culture at Aprio LLP? The company prides itself on being eager to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Working there means you will join a team approach to finding solutions together. Many staff is known to stay on which means it is an ideal setting to build lasting client and colleague relationships. There is something magical about going to work with and for people you know. Accounting professionals know how to build their network within the firms that employ them. CPAs at Aprio may build their portfolios while immersing in a diverse professional community of like-minded career-goal-oriented professionals.

14. Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

Flexibility, good benefits, lots of communication that helps grow connections, and chances to hone marketable skills of negotiation are on a shortlist of great reasons to work at Consigli Construction. Opportunities abound for estimators, field operators, project managers, and administrative and supportive professionals. Consigli builds communities, partnerships, and friendships working for clients in every industry from academia, government, hotel and hospitality, and health care. Among construction services are sustainable building, pre-fabrication, M/E/P services, and virtual design. Employees enjoy the opportunity to build on their skills by working with defined leaders that are responsive to their team. They steer the company to take on engaging projects that are challenging and meaningful for every member of its workforce.

15. Kin + Carta

A senior user experience designer or casting analyst, among titles at Kin + Carta, belongs to a highly specialized group of professionals. The company is a global digital transformation business that advises, creates, and connects marketing and customer experience. Clients include Lexus Europe and London North Eastern Railway. Staff at Kin + Carta share the values of the company which is people, planet, and profit. Thoughtful leaders are at the helm and extol these values. Inter-staff experiences evoke feelings of authenticity, kindness, accessibility, and genuine desire to work together, employees have conveyed. Success in individual careers is nurtured because of these optimum core values. Open communication is natural and productive, among the reasons working here is described as a positively satisfying experience. Kin + Carta is the kind of company where corporate speak does not exist.

16. Naik Group

The Naik Group is an engineering, program management, construction management, and survey firm. It plans, designs, and constructs infrastructure projects that improve the quality of life, enhance communities, and promote a sustainable future for the planet, the company website says. Naik staff gain superior knowledge in the industry while providing professional services in the infrastructure market including rail and transit, air, roadway, bridge, traffic, water, and wastewater. The company draws a diverse and innovative group of talented people that have maintained the company’s strength, enabling it to be called upon by clients and communities for exceptional projects. Building something in an urban setting comes with unique challenges so it is key to hire professionals that aspire to meet these. Leaders at the company manage billion-dollar projects. Career aspirations can be fulfilled at Naik Group for top-tier professionals that understand that infrastructure is a complex and dynamic business.

17. Stewart Title

A career-defining decision is to become one of the experts at the global real estate services company Stewart Title. Professionals at the firm develop their high-level skillset in the provision of superior residential and commercial title insurance and closing and settlement services to an esteemed loyal clientele. Working at Stewart Title means being able to expand on one’s knowledge and abilities in the area of catering to patronage with specialized offerings for the mortgage industry. The comprehensive service aims to provide deep expertise and solutions clients require in their real estate transactions. Being in Stewart Title’s employ means having the opportunity to engage in new relationships among leaders in the real estate industry. The partnerships enable them to optimally complete every closing, transaction, and real estate deal.

18. CSC

CSC is a worldwide leader among companies that provide business, legal, tax, and digital brand service. These include making sure businesses remain in compliance and streamline their operations. Additionally, the charge is to protect and prompt brands online and cater to every need of their customers which will make their organization run more smoothly. Thousands of CSC staff globally work for clients of large corporations, law firms, and financial companies. Among services, CSC gives corporate law departments the tools they need to organize, file and safeguard their case-critical documents. CSC provides tools to improve the outcome of deals like mergers and acquisitions, the corporate website says. The company has an environment that allows employees to learn the inner workings deemed among the fine attributes the company might attribute to its overall success. A friendly, pleasant experience seems common at CSC as a workplace.

19. William Blair

This private company, based out of Chicago, offers financial services in investment banking, working through strategies and solutions for the client’s best interest. Founded in 1935, William Blair & Company strives to “create an environment where employees perform their best, our delivery for clients will be the best it can be. As a firm, we’re committed to the places in which we live and work, engaging with local communities all over the world.” According to the website, its mission is to Empower Colleagues, Deliver Client Success and Engage in Our Communities. The company has also partnered with Allier Capital, BDA Partners, and Poalim Capital Markets to provide the most efficient solutions for their employees and clientele.

20. The TemPositions Group of Companies

Whether you are in between jobs or seeking the flexibility of working long-term as a temporary employee TemPositions Group of Companies might have the perfect next role for you. Job title range from paraprofessional, to substitute teacher, customer service, and senior accountant. The agency provides a super flexible and diverse range of career opportunities. There are remote offerings and an array of interesting roles including strategic staff leadership positions that give all career stages a boost. The staffing agency strives to deliver remarkable service to its clients, according to the company’s website. Those working in education, healthcare, office, retail, and hospitality could find their next fulfilling career step At TemPositions.

21. Robert Half

Robert Half, a public management consulting company, was founded in 1948. Intending to help those who seek a job, the company offers career advice and provides resources to be successful in the jobs they take strategically. The company is based out of Menlo Park, CA, with 112 employees working in headquarters and 13,000 employees working in the United States. On the website, the company provides “recruiting specialists [that] can quickly find the contract and permanent talent you need. Results matter, and so does your time, so let us help you build the productive, engaged workforce that will help keep your company moving forward.”

22. Point B

Point B employs highly motivated professionals that are committed to their clients and one another. A MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES Company it offers a range of services including business technology, mergers and acquisitions, operations and process improvement, and organizational effectiveness. Point B markets its services to the financial services, healthcare, retail and consumer products, technology, and communications sectors throughout the United States. A career at Point B means a career-building business-to-business talking point will become part of your professional repertoire. Employees gain key skills thanks to transparent leadership that makes sure knowledge of the insight needed to convey optimum support and service to the clientele may be maintained and highlighted. Point B employees gain an invaluable career toolset while being able to maintain an ideal work-life balance at this company.


The nonprofit ITHAKA strives to improve education throughout the world. They believe that education is the key to the well-being of individuals and society, and ITHAKA works hard to make it both effective and affordable for everyone. They’ve created digital libraries and learning platforms to provide uninterrupted access to an international array of academic collections from 180 countries. They provide direct access for students, teachers and researchers with someof the best academic libraries, publishers and museums around the world. ITHAKA workers provide tremendous research and advice to colleges and universities on how they can better serve students from underrepresented and low-income communities. The staff at ITHAKA puts education front and center, working tirelessly to promote the values of learning everywhere.

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